If it's hard to do, it's probably worth doing


I am a writer and an environmentalist. I work as an Environment Manager like to keep abreast of developments in this dynamic field. I am very proud of my work in my day job but I am equally proud of my writing and now strive to connect the two.                 

Sandra Norval BA (Hons) AIEMA.

This website is intended to provide details of :

Writing : Short Stories ~ Novels ~ Articles

Biodiversity : Wildlife surveys ~ Badger surveys ~ Tree Wardening ~ The results of the 2008 Hartham Common study are still available on the Hartham Common page.

Photography : Go to the Photography page for a showcase of some of my work.

Bookshelf : I have a sizeable library having studied hundreds of miles away from my university. I'll give you a selection of both fiction and non-fiction titles that inspire me.

Soundtrack : The music that drives me and inspires me ~ A band list is now available, and links to where you can find the stories behind the tracks.

Hot News!! Get Writing 2013 is about to be launched - organised by Marie Henderson-Brennan as I have now moved on to other projects. Visit the VWC website for details (see link page)

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